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High School or College Class Micro-Site

Microsites on the web

Plan reunions. Link to Facebook pages & photo galleries

Maintain contact with your old school buddies by inviting them to visit your class home page. Members can then easily navigate to everything related to your particular group, from your Facebook Group (or Page) to online photo galleries to your official school website. All in one place!

Your class administrator can request emails of information to post anytime, to keep everyone informed and up-to-date. Post individual birthday and anniversary wishes, put out an "APB" for Missing Classmates, share formal and informal reunion or homecoming plans. Request help to organize events.

How your entire class benefits:

Coordinate class reunions, meetings, and other events

Easily pass on just one link to classmates

Post periodic news items to keep site fresh

Link to alumni association, school site, social networks

Have members notify you of special honors or recognition they've received

Link to photo album sites like Flickr & Snapfish

Less costly than or

Above all, just let classmates know where they can come for information!

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Welcome, explanation or history. One or more paragraphs to introduce yourself.

Photos A picture is worth a thousand words, so up to 4 images can quickly show more of the story.
Description Additional more specific information. Again, one or more paragraphs.
News & Events Past or upcoming events, announcements, plans, even birthday wishes!
Up to 10 Links Related website(s), Facebook page, Blog, Online photo gallery, YouTube videos, or any other web address!.

Distribute information more quickly

Circulate information quickly by simply updating your page and including the link in brief emails to individuals or everyone in your group email list. You can even solicit comments and suggestions for improvement.

Use your site to coordinate an event, then keep it forever!
Circulate information for Organization news, Annual meetings, Class reunions, Family picnics

Upgrade to personal domain name

For just $50/year, you can purchase your own unique domain name which will forward to your microsite, so instead of someone typing in, they can type in to immediately open your page. Contact us at any time with your 3 top choices for a domain name in case #1 or #2 are not available.

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